A Doktor Lond live show is a spiritual gathering as well as a journey into the deeper mysteries of live dub mixing. From his mobile dub mixing studio he will give a 100% improvised and energetic live dub show. Heavy basslines, steppers and funky synth blends with the warm analog sound from tape echo and spring reverb – all delivered with a strong conscious message of love a unity.

And nobody can say where the dub journey will lead us – least of all the Doktor himself.

Doktor Lond has made it his speciality to dub mix his own productions live on stage. All the material is composed, arranged, played, recorded and produced by the man himself.

The music is steppers with a distinct funky touch. Ranging from the sweet spiritual roots to the hard core ugly style for the late night hours. Pure dub instrumentals as well as collaborations with vocalists. Spiritual uplifting sounds with a positive message all the way